About Us

About Tammie (Mom) (Head Elf)

I don't remember ever not crafting or sewing.  I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA.  I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who grew up in the Depression era.  She made EVERYTHING!   I think out of necessity to keep my hands busy she taught me to sew at age 7 - a pair of pajamas.  I loved seeing what I had created.  I can still remember that happy feeling of accomplishment.  The BUG had hit.  I learned to sew clothes, quilts, home accessories, and later design and make wedding dresses.  

As that BUG was taking form, my mother stepped in as she was just as talented as my grandmother.  I was introduced to all kinds of mediums; painting, ceramics, beading, woodwork, needlepoint, baking, canning, etc.

The message and motto I learned and live by is you can learn and do anything if the desire is there.

I got married at 19 and had six beautiful ( I have to say that) children, 2 years apart.  1 Bouncing baby boy and 5 sweet daughters. As the kids were growing up, I started selling at craft shows because as you must know "kids aren't cheap".  Since I am truly a DIY girl ( thanks grandma & mom) I started promoting my own craft shows.  This lead to opening 9 retail stores and starting a wholesale gift business. 

      Because I didn't have enough to do and can't stay still, we moved to Lake Arrowhead, CA and opened a B&B called "The Victorian Inn".  I LOVED it!!  Because I didn't want to waste time or space, I started promoting craft boutiques at our Inn on the holiday weekends.  We had the best artists and the best customers.  At the same time, I took over a tourist magazine for the area.  Hey! I had to advertise my shows -  I did mention I was Type- A personality, right?

Next phase - I now live in CT, divorced, run my own Medical Billing company, and had put crafting on hold for a spell to finish raising those 6 kids. 

The kids are now grown. and I have missed that BUG. NOW, not only am I crafting, but my kids are crafting!  I am currently in the process of establishing an event planning business to do weddings, festivals, and etc. with hopes of building an event barn in AZ to be close to my kids.( They went to ASU)  I am still based out of CT for the time being but we are set up in AZ and in CO to have events. I have gone to culinary school, started a catering business and am just loving being creative again.  You will have to check out my facebook page and website for "Desert Vines Events" and see the beautiful weddings under my belt - if I do say so myself. 

 Anyway, just a brief story on myself to let you know that I am as addicted to creativity as the rest of you and it is a happy place, isn't it?!